Learn more about Lord Of The Spins Casino

To ensure the best and most enjoyable Online Gaming Experience, Lord Of The Spins Casino is truly dedicated to fair and ethical gaming practices. It only uses the most reliable casino gaming software developed by Real Time Gaming, and then it ensures that every game works at every moment in the best way. This means that the casino submits its random number generators to regular audits and undergoes analysis of its payment percentages. The casino promises full transparency in all transactions. All this has helped make Lord Of The Spins one of the safest destinations to play online.

Random Number Generators

The majority of Lord Of The Spins Casino games are luck-based games. They can therefore only be considered fair when the results of each game are independent of each other. This means that every time a player plays, he or she has the same chance to finish as a winner. What determines this randomness are the casino’s random number generators. To ensure the fairness of these generators, external auditors test and evaluate the technology. And by submitting to these audits, the Lord Of The Spins Casino ensures that players enjoy the fairest games possible.

Transparent payment percentages

One of the most important things that players want to know is how often players win and how much the casino pays. Some casinos keep a considerable amount of money to themselves, leaving players with relatively little winnings. On the Lord Of The Spins Casino. However, players have a real chance to finish with big prizes. For every dollar players invest in the casino, the casino pays 98.95%. This is an incredibly high payout percentage, giving players one of the best chances to win both big and small jackpots. Players who want to know all the payment percentages of the games available on Lord Of The Spins can send an email to the casino to get a list of percentages controlled and approved by the relevant agencies.

Lord Of The Spins Casino Slot Machines

When it comes to online slot games, the game themes available seem to be unlimited. Whether based on the most traditional designs, popular culture, or the latest innovations in entertainment, themed slots exist for all tastes. With additional animations, bonuses and features, these themes are attracting more and more players.

The majority of casinos have traditional fruits, gold bars, dollar symbols, and coins in their simplest slot machine games, however it is their themed games that attract the most. In fact, with themes based on pirates, ninjas, the gold rush and ancient Egypt, players have the opportunity to escape a bit from reality when they play these themed games. There are even special holiday themed games available so players can celebrate each different season by winning real money prizes.

In addition, several casinos have entered into licensing agreements with major productions and entertainment companies to integrate the latest movies and video games into their slot machines. Thus, players can meet the most popular names of Marvel and DC Comics, such as Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman, and Batman. There are even cartoon characters like SpongeBob, the Pink Panther and South Park.

However, The UK-themed slot machine games are somewhat criticized. Indeed, game critics claim that by featuring popular cartoons, characters and images of popular culture, online casinos are seeking to attract a younger audience. They argue that these fanciful themes make betting look more like a game, and that these tactics could encourage those who are too young to bet to sign up and play under false pretenses. However, casinos insist that themes are nothing more than a means of adult entertainment. Many casinos such as Lord Of The Spins have even taken new steps to discourage minors who come to their sites in response to these accusations.